It is closely related to trade fairs.
  • Exhibitions are a platform that helps organizations from a particular field of business to showcase their latest products and services. It is closely related to trade fairs. And the common thread between the two is, great deal of planning and flawless implementation. With iCEGroup India you get the most sought after exhibition management services that take your exhibitions to a new high. Our services have always set quality benchmarks adhering to international standards.

    For successful exhibitions, it is essential that the planning is in place and the resources are managed well. All this can be done by an expert team under the supervision of highly trained and dedicated managers. The initial planning stage includes chalking out a plan and modifying as per the needs of the clients. Once the plan is approved, the implementation starts. From venue selection to hospitality, technical support to stall management, our team will assist you in all of this and much more. The venue is selected keeping in mind the estimated audience and vendor participation. Locations that are easily accessible are preferred. The overall decoration, theme, lighting and AV effects are also handled by the team. It is these small things that make a huge impact. Therefore our experts focus on the minutest of details. We understand that different organizations have different needs, thus, aim to provide customized services. For us attaining the highest level of customer satisfaction is of prime importance. We leave no stone unturned to ensure that your exhibitions are a mighty success and help you and your business reaps fruitful results.

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